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Closely designed around 24 capability requirements in ISO/IEC 17025

Management requirements: organizational structure, management system, document control, contract review, subcontract procurement, customer service, complaint, non-conformance, improvement, correction, prevention, record, internal audit, management review

Technical requirements: personnel, facility environment, methods, equipment, traceability, sampling, samples, results, reports


Two platforms in one system


Laboratory leaders, quality leaders, department leaders, business personnel, scheduling personnel, report preparers, report approvers, sample administrators, consumable administrators, warehouse administrators, system administrators, etc

Advanced technology provides diversified service means

WEB, B/S architecture, secondary development, database, SMS, WeChat, email, Android devices, iOS devices, APP applications, PDA, bar code, two-dimensional code, PDF, WORD, EXCEL


Rich functions support various complex requirements

Contract management, sample management, report management, data management, workflow management, standards management, personnel management

Equipment management, task management, plan management, customer management, consumables management, inventory management, charge management


Invoice management, training management, document management, WeChat service, APP application, video monitoring, self-service terminal, etc

It is suitable for testing and calibration laboratories in all walks of life.

Food, petrochemical industry, automobiles, electronic products, textiles, environment, household appliances, drugs, spices, feed

Electronic engineering, animal medicine, metrology and calibration, fire fighting, medical equipment, military industry