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  • What can tyanlims bring ?

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    Tyanlims system is a set of comprehensive business system specially designed for Chinese laboratories based on ISO/IEC17025, ISO9000 and other standardized management standards and adopting advanced computer technology and network technology.

    Tyanlims comprehensively covers the business scope of laboratories and quality inspection organizations, providing comprehensive and detailed solutions for each work link of quality inspection, and organically combining the work of various departments within the organization to form a complete and unified business work platform, through which all staff can work together.

    Helping quality inspection agencies to establish a standardized, scientific and information-based sustainable business management mode is TyanLIMS' ultimate goal. Therefore, Tyanlims brings a set of advanced management concepts and management modes to customers to a greater extent. With the implementation of Tyanlims system, users can effectively standardize work processes, ensure work quality, improve work efficiency and reduce work cost

  • Why do you choose Tyansoft ?

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  • Can tyanlims system be tried out?

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    Tyanlims system is not a set of standardized general-purpose functional software. It is a software system that requires personalized configuration and secondary development according to the actual needs of customers. Therefore, we cannot provide the trial version of so-called "general-purpose functional" software. In addition, we do not provide copies of the delivered software to other customers for trial especially customers in the same industry due to the consideration of confidentiality of customers' business secrets and privacy.