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  Hangzhou Tyansoft Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2005 and is located in Dongzhong Science and Technology Park, Binjiang District, Hangzhou City. The company currently has 10 copyrights, 4 registered trademarks and 6 software products. Since 2006, Hangzhou Tyansoft Technology Co., Ltd has been recognized as a software enterprise by Zhejiang Economic and Information Committee.

  Since the establishment of the company, we have been focusing on the research and development and sales of laboratory management software and related products. Tyanlims products with independent intellectual property rights have been officially used in more than 100 laboratories at home and abroad, including provincial, ministerial and national professional quality inspection centers, third-party comprehensive private inspection institutions, and first-party laboratories of domestic and international well-known enterprises, including laboratories of international top 500 enterprises. The key members of the company not only have rich software development experience, but also have in-depth understanding of the laboratory business. Therefore, while we provide our customers with high-quality software products, we can often give them many valuable suggestions on management.

  Our customers are involved in laboratories in many different industries (electronics, machinery, automobiles, medical devices, drugs, food, grain and oil, textiles, toys, commodity inspection, chemical industry, plastics, fire protection, environment, justice, medicine, etc.).  Tyanlims has been continuously improved for a long time since it was developed. It has the characteristics of stable performance, flexible structure, comprehensive functions and advanced technology.

  Our development team pays attention to quality control and has established a scientific quality management system. Each project needs to go through the main steps of demand research, business plan design, technical plan design, coding, internal testing, implementation review, installation and deployment, training, operation and maintenance, etc. Important development documents will be accumulated in each link, providing important reference for the successful operation of the project and long-term maintenance in the future.

  The company has actively promoted its international development strategy and has established close cooperative relations with many well-known international enterprises. Besides being able to provide multilingual versions of software products, we also have experience and capability in overseas project implementation. In the LIMS bidding process of CCIC Singapore, we defeated the famous US LIMS manufacturer with our in-depth understanding of 17025 and experience in laboratory management, and successfully implemented the project.

  Tyansoft staff takes serving the society and revitalizing China's software industry as their own duty. After ten years of hard work, they have achieved remarkable results. The company's goal is "to provide the best LIMS software in the world". Tyansoft staff is moving towards this goal step by step. I believe in the near future, Tyansoft will spread all over the world and become a proud Chinese brand.